Take a Leap of Faith

If you visit and feel that thrill standing in the shadow of St. Mary’s Peak, if the sparkling Bitterroot River calls you, if the mountain trails and the open spaces are welcoming, you are experiencing the spine-tingling appeal of this place.


When you meet the people, you know they say what they mean, no ambiguities. When you look around and wonder if you could fit in here permanently, you might be surprised how easily you and your family can assimilate with us.


We are happy with our quality of life. We revel in our surroundings and the activities they provide. We know we have opportunities for living a rich, full life that people from other areas do not. We aren’t greedy. We can share. There is plenty of wonder to go around.


Maybe you’ll realize Stevensville is the perfect place to spend the rest of your life. You never know. It’s happened before. Stevensville could just be your First and Last Best Place.