Quality of Life

People who visit or move to Stevensville often remark on the friendliness, the slower pace of life here and the surrounding natural beauty. When your neighbors and co-workers are easy-going, when police sirens don’t interrupt your sleep and you can eat your lunch looking at a snow-covered mountain, sitting beside a crystal-clear river, who wouldn’t be less grumpy?


The pace of life here is based on the seasons and what we can do outdoors. Fall and winter are full of options like skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and hunting. In spring and summer we ride bikes, horses, four-wheelers and motorcycles. We hike, camp, fish, and travel. Our stay-cations take place right where most people travel for a visit. And imagine, Glacier and Yellowstone are just down the road.

Main Street Oct 2009

Because we are located farther north and right on the western edge of our time zone, daylight lasts until 10pm in midsummer. Days are long and full. Nights are cool, comfortable and dark enough to really see the stars. Look up. More stars than you’ve seen for years, right?


Education, arts, cultural richness are available right here in Stevensville. What isn’t right here can be found nearby in Missoula and Hamilton. Bozeman and Spokane have a bit more. We don’t have all the advantages of a big city, which, in the long run, we find is a blessing. We know those advantages come strings—many major disadvantages! We're willing to drive a bit for culture, then come back home to peace.

The University of Montana is only 25 miles away in Missoula. There are several branches such as the School of Technology


Our crime is low, our lives are slow and our hearts are full. We’d rather be here than anywhere else. We have found the place we want to be.


Business amenities are accessible and high-speed internet makes for quality business services. These things and more make Stevensville a desirable destination for visitors and a wonderful place to live and do business. If you take the plunge and move your business here or start a new one, you aren’t all on your own. The Stevensville Main Street Association offers assistance and sound advice from the beginning of the process.